We welcome new members to Peace Watercolour Society!  As a group we enjoy showing together at annual exhibits as well as meeting for paint outs and art discussions.  We are all interested in inspiring and encouraging fellow artists.

If you are considering applying for membership with Peace Watercolour Society, please read the following criteria.

It is the objective of the Peace Watercolour Society to encourage watercolour painters
who live in the region to apply for membership. The PWS seeks members who paint
regularly and are skilled in the water media. Membership is a serious commitment.
1. Submit a letter of request to the Peace Watercolour Membership Committee for
2. Prepare a portfolio of ten (10) works for review by the membership committee.
Original work is required.
3. At a mutually agreed upon date and location between the perspective applicant and
the Membership Committee deliver the portfolio for review.
4. Membership committee will meet to review the perspective portfolio. Where it deems it
favorable the Committee shall invite the perspective applicant to provide up to 3
paintings for the next annual show as a guest exhibitor. Where it deems it unfavorable
a letter of refusal shall be forwarded to the applicant along with recommendations.
5. Membership committee will then recommend to the board regarding acceptance of the
perspective applicant.
6. Final decision and vote of acceptance to be made at the Board Meeting.
1. Work submitted must be in a water-based medium – preferably transparent
2. Submitted works must have been completed within the twelve months prior to the
3. Work submitted must have an image size of no less than 7 ½ inches by 11 inches or
equivalent area.
4. Works submitted should be produced with professional quality materials
5. Works submitted must be original.
6. Works in the portfolio do not need to be framed and can have been shown before.
7. Submit a short resume with the portfolio.