Angela Fehr

AFehr-160 (1)“I just want to eat good food and see beautiful places!” This was my goal for a recent vacation with my husband and three teens. Add to that sentence, “paint from my heart!” and it tells you who I am.

In getting out into the world, I see and experience beauty, diversity and awe-inspiring design that prompts me to respond with my paintbrush. I’m not satisfied to merely see beauty; I have a deep drive to respond from my heart, and I do that best with a paintbrush in my hand.

The journey of art is in figuring out what your heart wants to say, and it’s a life-long voyage of discovery. I started teaching watercolour as a means of sharing insights into how to use watercolour techniques, but I’ve found a true passion in helping other painters tap into their own wells of self-expression to paint from the heart.

My style is best described as loose and intuitive, full of vibrant colour. I love the way a juicy wash of multiple colours can create magical new combinations with only a light touch from me. I love painting landscapes that express the feeling of experiencing the beauty of the Peace River country, my home.

I started painting in watercolour in 1995, taking my first course at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery with Edna McPhail when I was just 17. I’ve been a full time artist since 2013 when I created my first online watercolour course. A dozen courses later, I’ve been able to teach thousands of students all over the world, building a community of fellow watercolour lovers. This has provided the opportunity to travel and teach, to see my paintings in collections across the globe and to work with some of my favourite watercolour manufacturers as a brand ambassador.

I love being a part of supportive local art groups that feel like family; the Peace Watercolour Society, the Federation of Canadian Artists and the South Peace Art Society. I’m a Daniel Smith brand ambassador and a QoR Artist Educator. I contribute regularly to as a guest author and have been a World Watercolor Month Artist Ambassador since it first began in 2017.

Every time I paint I get to savour the beauty and joy of life a little bit more, choosing to focus on the good in the world, and share it with others. I think that’s a pretty profound and wonderful way of living a life!

Angela Fehr lives in Dawson Creek, British Columbia with her husband and three teenagers. She’s been painting since 1995.

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